Positive Healing Consultants is a Health Organization that customizes its services to the client.  Our services include Yoga Therapy, Reiki, Herbal Health, Healing Poetry, and Holistic Consults.

The Founder, Will Hendrick, B.S., H.A.P.P. believes effective Healthcare must meet the needs of the individual.  People are not statistics that can be measured in a study.  People are dynamic with fears and vulnerabilities and frustrations that exist for numerous different reasons.

Positive Healing Consultants offers a boutique of services providing the client the opportunity to choose the method he or she relates to the most.  Yoga classes and yoga therapy are available.  One on one consults to discuss mental and physical wellbeing are available.  And various workshops and trainings can be attended throughout the year.  Tour the website and see what attracts you the most.

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